Sep 13, 2019

Micromanagement 101.

So, it’s a little but interesting to watch things at work sometimes.

As we get further into the year, I can’t help but feel there is something in the offing. My suspicion is that by the first quarter of next year, a lot of the folks including myself will not be working for the company because they’ll simply be moving operations out of New York City.

They bought in a new CEO and his past along with a recent Global Town Hall as well as a meeting with a upper level manager have spoken volumes about the direction things are going in. In the meeting with the upper level guy, one thing that was made clear was that work that was being shifted out of New York to other sites would not be replaced. Further it was pointedly said that they would never expand the office because the costs of both real estate and salaries made that cost prohibitive. The company is in the midst or renegotiating the lease on the space we occupy and I know for a fact the price per square foot will be tripling almost. There was also the added jewel in a statement made by the upper management guy that although clients in other locations want operations close by, customers in New York are used to dealing with suppliers all over the world.

Yes... oh there is just so much job security.

Which is fine really. These are the days that we live in. Yet, loyalty is a swinging door.

In the meantime there’s the other drama that’s been going on.

As I had stated there was a week a few weeks back that I expected to be my last week and involved me getting called into a closed door meeting with my supervisor and his boss. They were quite upset with me because I had made it clear to the sales director I would no longer be responsible for what happened on the account I had been nursing along for the last four months.

See, there was a decision made that even though things were going well that wasn’t good. It wasn’t a good thing for me to be handling this alone and other people ‘needed’ to be involved.

It was something my boss had been engineering for awhile but from a practical standpoint it was a bit unworkable. It wasn’t the kind of client or project that demanded a huge commitment of resources but it was a relationship that was growing (something I was taking pride in) but they needed to have someone ‘project manage’ things.

Again, supposedly this meant that I would ‘be able to focus on the work’ but the only thing it meant was someone was going to take credit for my work and do little which didn’t really sit well with me. I’m funny that way in the sense that if you are supposed to be responsible for aspects of a project then I expect you to actually perform those tasks.

So, I could see the writing on the wall in the sense that the people who were coming in were in the process of making it harder to do the work, were fucking up the work and were going to do a sidestep and that’s why I went to the director of sales because I could see where this was headed and wanted to be sure that it was abundantly clear that certain people were now responsible for whatever happened on this account.

Think, hitting a hornet’s nest.

Basically I scored a direct hit and my boss’ boss was upset because as he put it, ‘He wants the department to run like a Black Box.’

Yeah, I get that... it runs like a Black Box and then you can readily blame the peons but ummmm no.
 Anyway, I started that about three weeks back if you can believe it. Wow.

So, let’s see... we essentially lost that work. That account that I had been nursing along, being hands on and at their beck and call? Well, the ham handed idiots came in and basically lost the work which was really fascinating to watch.

At every step of the way, I explained the client didn’t want us doing the work to begin with, the client didn’t want to spend money, the client is disorganized but making them jump throw hoops is only going to make them go elsewhere and?

They did.

My boss and another person were supposed to be ‘project managing’ the account but basically that meant being in the way and I wasn’t having any of it because I’m not about to be a fall guy. If you want to drive, drive baby!

I’ll just sit back and watch the scenery.

What happened was they started to get in the middle of things and I was as cooperative as I could be. I answered all their questions (again and again and again), held their hands, watched them as it was obvious they were in over their heads. Sat in client meetings and here’s the funny thing I realized.

In these phone calls we were having, one meeting I was blindsided at the end of a call when the client was told that this other person would be handling all the project management. Then afterward in meetings I just let them take the lead but it was clear they weren’t really paying close attention. So, we were having daily calls and I was out for a few days and the client cancelled those calls when I was out. And during meetings after I realized the only contribution my boss had was to repeat what I would say to make it appear he came up with the idea, I figured I should just keep my mouth shut.

And I did which was a little funny to watch really as he wildly gesticulated during one call and I looked at the ceiling raptly listening to the conversation and after a prolonged silence the client asked if I had any questions at which point I went through all the work we had in the shop and very specific questions regarding each project and the direction moving forward.

It was really funny, for me, not so much for the other people.

Now, in the course of the discussion and reviews I’ve had it’s become clear that the thought is that I am overpaid because of the ‘band’ I’m in (the job classification and title) even though a lot of the tasks I perform are nothing similar to what other people in the same job classification do.

It’s two years, no raise and nothing at all in the offing either and my peer, he’s in the same boat too.

So they kicked me back onto this other beast of an account because as the guy who was supposed to be project managing said, ‘You’re good, that’s why they won’t take you off it.’

Well, in the next week, our account coordinator leaves... and the geniuses not only don’t have anyone internally to cover in the interim they are still scrambling to get people for interviews even though she gave notice the last week in August.

It was funny today because my peer is quite militant about certain things and going beyond the scope of his responsibilities is one of them. Me, I can see the accident coming down the road and things have already starting breaking down this week. They burned me on the other thing though so I’m just sitting back again and doing what I’m told.

That’s management motivating me to go that extra mile.

Oh and by the way... so apparently all this garbage caught up with me and I wound up having such a violent reaction to all the sturm and drang of these idiots I narrowly avoided a trip to the hospital (as in getting a cat-scan because I had such stomach distress). When the choice is between your health and your job I can tell you it’s an easy choice to make.

Readying for the fireworks to come as the same two that lost the account I was shepherding are now going to be responsible for the bear of an account.... this should be fun to watch.

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